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Our DevOps Outsourcing Services include:

Kubernetes Clustering

Make the potential of containers an operational reality by running containerized applications across multiple machines and environments.

Set up CI/CD Pipelines

Design and build continuous integration & delivery pipelines to automate your software delivery process through AWS CodePipeline.

Microservice Architecture

Evolve the tech stack of a complex application with a microservice architecture while enabling a rapid, frequent and reliable delivery.

Serverless architecture​

Build and run applications without managing the infrastructure, running apps on servers, but with no need for provisioning, scaling, and maintenance.

Infrastructure as Code

Provision and manage cloud resources by writing a template that is human readable and machine consumable.


Integrate security practices on the Software Development Lifecycle to ensure security .


Site Reliability Engineer

Applies aspects of software engineering to the infrastructure, creating scalable and highly reliable software systems.

Cloud Engineer

Responsible for all the technical issues regarding cloud computing; fully accountable for deploying cloud services.

DevOps Architect

Builds platforms and frameworks to consistently and verifiably manage the application between non-production & production environments.

Security Engineer

Builds security into products by working side-by-side with developers

Automation Engineer

Designs, analyze, and implements strategies for continuous deployment, guaranteeing high availability.

DevOps Evangelist

Implements and orchestrates DevOps across the application..